The transition of our energy generation from conventional to renewable energy is one of the biggest impacting actions humanity can take for our future.

Approximately 25% of the CO2 emissions created by humans is directly related to the generation of energy we use to power our homes, offices and industries. As well as CO2, we also need to consider other harmful byproducts of conventional energy such as NOx, released in great quantities through the burning of coal, which is still of heavy use in Japan and Asia.

Globally, approximately 25% of the power we generate comes from renewable sources. Some European and Central American countries are already at or close to 100% renewable energy usage. The United States is now generating approximately 30% of their electricity from renewable sources, however Asia still lags behind. Japan in particular, only generates 16% of its electricity from renewables, though they are targeting 36% by 2030.

Titan GreenTech works with global and local developers, O&M and asset management companies with a focused interest in solar PV, wind, hydrogen, bioenergies, geothermal and waste to energy systems. We work with both large scale players, and venture capital stage start-ups with exciting new technologies.

Typical positions Titan GreenTech works on in the Energy generation area are:

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