How we manage our energy has a huge impact on the environment, and our economy. The less we use, the less we need to generate, which has a direct impact on the emissions we produce.

With a traditional centralised power grid, approx 65% of the energy generated is lost in transmission. To evolve away from this system, there is a trend toward localised power generation, microgrids and other technologies.

This is an area of huge innovation. Local and global companies are investing in smaller, residential and industrial scale energy generation+storage solutions.. Others are focused on energy management and sharing among buildings using IoT, AI forecasting and blockchain technologies. On the energy storage side, Asia and Japan are hubs of innovation in advanced chemical engineering, bringing next-generation battery and hydrogen technology to a range of mobility, smart home and industrial applications.

Titan GreenTech is passionate about supporting this technology innovation and helping these companies to scale in Japan.

Typical positions Titan GreenTech works on in the Smart energy technologies area are:

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