Titan GreenTech partners exclusively with purpose driven companies in the renewable energy, clean technology and sustainability areas. We provide tailored solutions to help you map, identify and hire the people needed to power your business forward.

Hiring Solutions

With aggressive renewable energy and decarbonisation targets, the energy market in Japan is growing extensively. This growth also intensifies the fight for talent, having a solid recruitment partner, attractive employer brand and engaging hiring process is more important than ever. Talk to us about how we can help:

Market Entry

As the the world’s 3rd largest economy, and also 3rd highest per capita GHG emitter, Japan is a market of extensive opportunity for renewable energy and clean technology companies. Being an island nation, with a complex regulatory system and powerful incumbent companies, finding the right Executive level talent to represent your business is critical. Titan can help you with:

Start-up Support

Some of the biggest, game-changing innovations come from small start-up companies started by talent and passionate founders. Developing the technology is only half the battle though – scale-up to commercialisation often requires higher levels of leadership and new skills to take the business to the next level. We are passionate about supporting mission driven founders scale their dreams and help with:

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