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Andrew Statter

Andrew leads the Greentech team at Titan.  An executive recruiter passionate about innovation for a sustainable world, he is driven to support purpose driven companies to hire the best, purpose driven professionals.

Coming to Japan from Australia in 2010, Andrew has 7 years experience partnering with domestic and global leading companies for key search projects here in Japan.

Specialising in high impact, leadership searches, Andrew places much emphasis on connecting with and working closely with the decision makers and key influencers in clients – and always ensures he can add value to both the client and candidate experience.

Andrew is also a competitive trail ultra-runner and world traveller, competing and finishing events such as the Annapurna 100 in Nepal and L’Echappee Belle Integrale in France. 

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    Ben Silverman

    Ben is a Senior Consultant and Brand Expert for GreenTech. An executive recruiter passionate about designing sustainable growth for both businesses and the energy industry, he is driven to support companies serious about hiring the best driven professionals who will create the most impact on their business.

    Coming to Japan in 2010, Ben has 5 years experience supporting both domestic and global leading companies for key search projects here in Japan as well as building his own successful business and team in Tokyo.

    Specialising in high impact, senior & leadership searches, Ben holds himself and his clients to the highest standards on working closely together to design efficient hiring strategies and to best represent his client’s Brand to the market, always ensuring he contributes to the clients growth – both financially and culturally, through the introduction of the best talent.

    Ben is also a competitive Taekwondo athlete; he is the National Taekwondo Champion of Japan and also runs fitness events throughout Tokyo.

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    Chelsea Diaz

    Chelsea is an executive recruiter in Japan and the Asia Pacific, a team player who is concerned about overconsumption and then engaged herself in a business passionate towards a sustainable future.

    Born in Manila, Philippines, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Centro Escolar University of the Philippines in 2015. Started her career in recruitment after graduation, she obtained her knowledge in providing the best possible service while creating value to both candidates and clients by understanding their needs.

    Outside of work, Chelsea loves to play in nature. Enjoys photography, art and watching series during her pastime. Her interests include traveling and learning unique cultures.

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      Arthur (Riku) Ogawa

      Arthur is a person with one of the most contrasting backgrounds you will meet: spending early years in Europe and quite an adventurous time in US and Germany during his student years. This was followed by him moving to Beijing, China as he acquired the Chinese government scholarship and spent unforgettable 4 years there. Arthur’s presence in China has not left unnoticed, as he had even had a line in one of the legendary Jackie Chan’s movies!

      Subsequently, becoming Japanese was a big, yet fully conscious move for Arthur, as he has built solid ground in this country both culturally and professionally. Arthur will absolutely impress you with the deep understanding of domestic Japanese market, business acumen and great control of the entire recruitment process. He is particularly recognized for an excellent delivery of retained and executive searches.

      Arthur is probably the best person to ask for exquisite places of a refined beer, red French wine and quality Chinese cuisine in Tokyo, which are also the places you will likely find him spending a significant chunk of his unoccupied time. Despite the fact that Arthur loves dancing and singing, he is, unfortunately, hopelessly bad at both. Which, however, does not discourage him from this distinctive passion of his.

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      Aaron Do

      Aaron is driving candidate and new client engagement at Titan Greentech. Before coming onboard, he was helping people of various backgrounds in reaching their financial goals and strives to continue helping others to reach their personal and professional goals.

      Born and raised in the US, Aaron came to Japan in 2018. Raised in a Vietnamese family in the US, he is well experienced in the cultural differences and subtleties for both eastern and western counterparts.

      Coming from a different consulting experience, he understands the value and impact on building relationships and ensures the best experience for both the clients and candidate.

      Aaron also studied music his whole life and spends a lot of his free time writing music and has won consecutive UIL Superior Division 1 awards in orchestral and piano playing competitions from 2007-2014.

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        Himeko Ide

        Himeko specialises in supporting professionals to understand their value, options and career pathways in the Renewable Energy and CleanTech markets.

        Prior to joining the team at Titan GreenTech, she was in charge of recruiting in the accounting and finance field, with a particular focus on Executive Search and supporting senior leaders to smoothly transition.

        Born and raised in Japan, Himeko has opened her mind to different cultures. By self-education, she learnt English and has built a great network within the international community here in Tokyo. Taking advantage of her previous recruitment experience, cultural understanding, Himeko strives to offer the best candidate experience and always keeps long-term view in mind.

        In her personal life, she lives in the gym and has been active as a Muay Thai amateur fighter. Outside the gym, she has been known to enjoy a glass of wine or two.

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          Terry Lin

          An avid foodie, Terry graduated from Switzerland having too much chocolate, fondue, and raclette. He started his hospitality career in California and later moved to Beijing for its Beijing duck, meat skewers, and mala hotpot.

          After 5 years, he took his MBA and shifted gears. Terry drove business development at a chemical trading firm in Thailand across OEM supply chains in various industries. Doing market entry into ASEAN markets kept him busy with delicious eats such as pho, sisig, and nasi goreng.

          In 2020, amid Covid-19 Terry moved to Japan and soon joined the team at Titan GreenTech. He works with VC, PE, and consulting firms in seeking finance and real estate professionals to introduce them to the world of sustainability and green energy. He’s happy to connect over coffee or boba tea to share his passion for this brave new world.

          He grew up as a TCK (third culture kid). His parents are from Taiwan (think stinky tofu and Din Tai Fung) and relocated to Thailand when he was young. This is why he has a fondness for naam pla, chili, and limes. He plays badminton and always looking for people to play a game together.


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            Fe Marie Martin

            Fe Marie has over 16 years of executive recruitment experience in Japan and the Asia Pacific region. Currently, she is focused on the renewable energy industry, and she also worked in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and biotechnology industries. Having contributed to numerous successful placements, she has built a wide range of personal connections.

            Born in Manila, Philippines, Fe Marie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Communication from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She first joined a radio station in the Philippines, then moved into the recruitment industry and continues to this day.

            In addition to recruitment, she has also honed her management skills and helped build and train a team of research coordinators.

            Believing that enthusiasm, determination, and attention to detail are important to success in recruitment, Fe Marie adds that it is important to respond to all changes in the rapidly changing recruitment industry.

            In her free time, she enjoys reading motivational books, driving, and spending time with her family.

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