Arthur (Riku) Ogawa

Executive Search & Market Entry Manager

Arthur is a person with one of the most contrasting backgrounds you will meet: spending early years in Europe and quite an adventurous time in US and Germany during his student years. This was followed by him moving to Beijing, China as he acquired the Chinese government scholarship and spent unforgettable 4 years there. Arthur’s presence in China has not left unnoticed, as he had even had a line in one of the legendary Jackie Chan’s movies!

Subsequently, becoming Japanese was a big, yet fully conscious move for Arthur, as he has built solid ground in this country both culturally and professionally. Arthur will absolutely impress you with the deep understanding of domestic Japanese market, business acumen and great control of the entire recruitment process. He is particularly recognized for an excellent delivery of retained and executive searches.

Arthur is probably the best person to ask for exquisite places of a refined beer, red French wine and quality Chinese cuisine in Tokyo, which are also the places you will likely find him spending a significant chunk of his unoccupied time. Despite the fact that Arthur loves dancing and singing, he is, unfortunately, hopelessly bad at both. Which, however, does not discourage him from this distinctive passion of his.