Our Team

Andrew Statter

Andrew Statter

Head Of Titan Greentech

Titan GreenTech's team is comprised of experienced local Japanese and global professionals with decades of experience in market entry, executive search and recruitment for renewable energy infrastructure, green finance, cleantech and sustainability solutions across Japan and selected APAC projects.

Core Values

Quality driven

We’re committed to top quality service and support to our clients. We are detail focused, responsive and respectful. In a competitive and noisy market, our quality sets us apart.

People over profit

For our own team members in Titan GreenTech, or the professionals that we support, their quality of life, satisfaction and career growth always takes priority over our own profitability targets

Deliver On Our Promises

We are humble and recognise our limits. We avoid making promises we cannot keep. Focusing on a limited number of clients, delivering quality work, we build our reputation, and maintain a healthy working balanc

High Purpose

We only work on projects and clients that we believe in. Titan GreenTech’s mission is to support the energy transition and fight climate change by bringing the best talent to the frontlines of the fight

Our Team

Andrew Statter

Head of Titan Greentech

Riku Ogawa

Executive Search & Market Entry

Aaron (Minh Quang) Do

Senior Consultant

Terry Lin


Himeko Ide


Shoji Ando

Senior Consultant

Chelsea Diaz


Fe Marie Martin

Executive Recruiter

Shannen Espiritu

Recruitment Specialist


Working at Titan GreenTech





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