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Titan were engaged by a client which we had provided both contingent and exclusive search services for in the past to take on a more sensitive search project.  

The client had a key leader whose relationship with the wider leadership team had deteriorated, and it had been determined that this person would need to be managed out as soon as possible.  Due to heavy project workload, and scarcity of internal resources, it was critical that a replacement was identified and secured prior to communication with the incumbent.

Due to the small talent pool, and the relatively small size of the energy industry, confidentiality in conducting this search was paramount.  The Titan team had to be able to guarantee to the client that word would not get back to the incumbent during the project.  At the commencement of the search project, Titan put together a targeted shortlist of candidates and shared with the hiring manager.  From here, we could not only ensure our search parameters were on point, but also exclude targets who had potential links to the incumbent to minimse risk of exposure.

As this particular search project had a narrow candidate pool, Titan utilised both existing network of professionals, as well as proactive, targeted headhunting of pre-approved candidates.  In execution, no mention of the client’s name or clear identifying information was given until candidates were screened, qualified, had shown interest and signed an NDA.  As a further precaution, in person interviews were conducted at Titan’s offices in Tokyo.

By design, the search volume was kept low, with only 5 candidates approached, 3 giving positive interest to interview and 1 selected at final stage.  Clear communication at offer stage between the client, candidate and Titan was needed to plan the resignation process in a project management style.  Starting date was negotiated to be 2 months later, in order to buy time for the client to smoothly offboard the incumbent, and clear guidance was given to the candidate by Titan on keeping confidentiality throughout the resignation negotiations at the current firm.

As a result, the replacement was secured with signed offer within 5 weeks of search commencement, and the candidate was able to take 4 weeks of annual leave as had not taken holidays for over 2 years with his previous employer!

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